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Tauno Kohonen

Tauno Kohonen is specialized in making of communication projects. At the same time is produced photographed material into printed products, Internet -pages and web publications and DVD -presentations. Latest newness is mobile advertising, which is attached to campaigns.

He photographs clearly, but can also bring a modern touch to photographing. The goal in the picture is harmony. Finnish nature photographs of Tauno Kohonen has get around the world many times as photo exhibitions, books and DVD -presentations.

His favourite hobby and work is the nature and photographing it. The photographing trips abroad are aimed preferably in to Russia to the middle of Siberian nature or to Himalayas to snowcapped mountains.

Kohonen is focusing more and more on video. He wants to create stories of nature, what people do in it and how they affect it. Together with a group of professionals they aim to create artistic and technically high-quality TV-movies of the places Kohonen knows "extremely" well. He and his group enjoy themselves in nature, which ensures the quality finished product.

Kohonen has begun filming the Kitkajoki river, which he holds very dear, years ago. He has already shot 220 hours of Full-HD quality video. The project can be viewed at www.rapidriver.fi/kitkajoki. You can read his thoughts on the project from the text in the Documents-album.
Photoexhibitions in Finland

Finnish embassies have circulated the Light in The Wilderness photographic exhibition around the world in 10 copies since 2000 When exhibition was in finland it had almost 100.000 viewers. Exhibition has been in:
- Kuusamo 1993, 1996 and 1998-2001
- Saariselkä, Ivalo 1994
- Arktikum - Arctic Centre, Rovaniemi 1995
- Visitor Centre for Linnansaari National Park
- Rantasalmi 1996, Nature Photography Archives
- Helsinki 1998


Light in The Wilderness -multivision 1995,
3. Prize in its category at Media and Message - event, producer Smile Audiovisual

The Forest - landscape of The Finnish soul -multivision 1995,
2. Prize in its category at the Media and Message - event, producer Smile Audiovisual,
kunniamaininta valokuvista AMI - International Festival 1996

Kuusamo - the multivision for the city of Kuusamo 2000, producer Smile Audiovisual
Gold Medal at the US International Films and Video -festival in USA and Media and Message - event in Suomessa and Silver Medal at the World Media Festival in Germany.

Still Images of Nature - multivision 2003,
Gold Medal and the Grand Award at the World Media Festival event in Germany 2003, producer Smile Audiovisual.

Photographic contests

- Worlds most beautifull photographs - contest, Savitaipale 1990, diaseries
  3. award
- Forest photograph of year - contest, Helsinki 1991, 1. award
- Nature photograph of year - contest, 1991, 2. award
- Enviroment photograph of year - contest, 1991
- Awards and honorary mentions in different nature photgraph contests.


- Light in The Wilderness, three editions, 1992, 1993 and 2003. Published by
  Rapid River.
- Tunnelmia luonnossa, 2000, published by Rapid River
- Northern Light, 1999, published by Rapid River
- Nivala - Letters from Nivala, 1997, published by Rapid River
- Kuusamo - yrittää yhdessä, 1991, published by Rapid River
- Oulu 400 years as an international city
- Lumijoki

Other publishers:
- Kitkan maa, 1988, joint production, published by Pohjoinen
- The Steam of Light, 1994, published by WSOY

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