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Tourism Projects

Rapid River consults and carries out projects, specializing in the marketing of regions, businesses and products. Rapid River has substantial experience in project management and administration, including the EU criteria regarding applications and reporting. Furthermore, the photographic resources of the company contribute to the marketing tasks.

The following projects serve as examples:

"Erämaa keskellä Suomea" (Wilderness amidst Finland). 1992-1994. Development of tourism industry in Rokua and Oulujärvi region. Training, merchandising, marketing and networking of companies.

"Vihreät jokilaaksot" (Green river valleys) 1995-1996. Development of countryside tourism.

"Kairanmaan ekometsä" (Ecoforest of Kairanmaa) 1996-1997.

"Marketing of Kiiminkijoki" 1999-2000

"Koillis-Suomi tunnetuksi" (Publicity project for Northeast Finland) 2001-2003

International travelling

Rapid River is photographing in different nature resorts abroad among other things culture, landscapes, cities and villages, nature, excursion, fishing, canoeing and other nature activities. International traveling knowledge is based on photography trips around the world and operating as a tour guide. We consult companies that want to be aware of good known trends in nature traveling.

The main interest is now in Russia, in yet unknown resorts of Siberia. At the moment Tauno Kohonen is photographing a wide Siberia material for international use. Other main interests are in India, Tibet and the Himalayas. Development of traveling is observed also in Europe, California and New Zealand.

In cooperation is travel agency Kon-Tiki Tours that arranges trips to above-mentioned resorts.


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