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UNIVERSITY OF OULU - The Path of Knowledge

University of Oulu is one of the biggest and multiscience universitys in Finland. University of Oulu is well known about international top research. "University of Oulu - the path of knowledge“ -presentation is a story about modern science society and how to promote top knowing how, it´s pictured by nordic nature and seasons.

The path of knowledge is based on general intorduction about university and reporting about the new research action. Presentation is working on many different levels: the speak reader is telling about studying possibilitys and at the same time video and still images are telling the story about the state of the university, research and education.

University of Oulu have been in the historical breaking of wireless telecommunication and there have been remarkable research at the backround. At the same time the city of Oulu and some companys build in a cooperation an international information technology centre next to the university.

The director Tauno Kohonen and the manuscript writer Juha Wirekoski both are audiovisual professionals.

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