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Chado- the way of tea - A photographic presentation for Suomen Elintarviketuonti Oy has been finished. 14 minutes long presentation is meant for educational use and it introduces tea history and its Oriental philosophy. The quality of Nordqvist tea and the philosophy of making new tea flavours is also presented in the story. The presentation has been produced in intense co-operation with clients and it is used in different company occasions.

At the same time Rapid River also made new internet pages for Nordqvist tea. The internet pages also includes mediaservice, a distribution channel for the use of media and clients. It includes for example PowerPoint presentation, brochures and printready photographs.

The manuscript for this presentation has made a well known scriptwriter Juha Virekoski. The photographic story is made by Tauno Kohonen and the speak reader is Veikko Honkanen, whose voice is also heard in several natureprograms on TV. The presentation is culminated in the beautiful song of Poets of the Fall.


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