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The presentation "If You Cannot Find Yourself in Kuusamo" was one of the most acclaimed audiovisual programmes in the world in 2001. It was awarded a prize in 2001 at the Us International Film and Video Festival, which is the biggest contest in the field of audiovisual productions with 1500 productions from 33 countries in the year 2001.

The presentation programme is based on photography by Rapid River, and it is a Smile Audiovisual Oy production. There are Finnish and English language versions. The same programme was awarded a gold medal at the Finnish "Media and Message" -event and a silver medal at the World Media Festival in Germany.

The DVD is a celebration of life amidst nature and the strikingly beautiful landscape in the region. The makers excelled in bringing to life a unique story of the city of Kuusamo and the way of life there.


A Multivision on Kuusamo won gold in the US

A promotional digital presentation “If You Cannot Find Yourself in Kuusamo” won the gold medal in Chicago last weekend. The US International Film and Video –festival had an entry of 1500 productions from 33 countries.

This is already the second prize for the multivision of Kuusamo. In May the presentation was awarded the Intermedia Globe Silver medal at the World Media Festival in Hamburg.

The multivision is a celebration of life amidst nature and the landscape in the region. There are two language versions, Finnish and English. The multivision was produced by Smile Audiovisual Oy. It was directed by Mr. Jukka Oulasvirta and written by Mr. Seppo Palminen. The photography is by Mr. Tauno Kohonen and Mr. Petri Niikko.

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