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Kellokas Visitor Centre - Ylläs
Fells: The blue landscape of Ylläs

This photographic / audiovisual presentation is about Pallas -Yllästunturi National Park and its region. The third largest National Park in Finland protects the unique arctic hill chain from Kolari - Ylläs arctic hills until Enontekiö - Ounas arctic hills. These arctic hills are guiding the travellers in the national park during summers and winters.

This presentation will be presented as a main show in new Kellokas Visitor Centre in Ylläs. It is made in five languages; finnish, swedish, english, germany and france.

This presentation is new kind of nature presentation, it´s different than traditional videotapes and still-picture presentations. In this presentation pictures and videos are dashing together and they put the fictive story and true life together in modern way where music is intensifying the feeling of nature.

Producer/director and photography by Tauno Kohonen and the presentation is made by Tommi Kohonen

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