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Right of privat presentation

Everyone who has bought the DVD The Most Beautiful Scenery in Kuusamo has a right of presentation in private. The right needs to be requested when presenting the DVD publicly (copyright).

Right of presentation publicly

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The public presentation right for the DVD The Most Beatiful Scenery in Kuusamo can be requested in written by email from tauno.kohonen@rapidriver.fi. In urgent cases it is possible to request it by SMS from +358 (0) 400 286 956. The one who requests for the presentation right is also responsible for the compensation.

When requesting the right the following information needs to be mentioned:
- Who is presenting
- What is the address for invoicing
- Place and date for presentation

Bid prices:

Right of presentation is granted against compensation for one presenter (payer) with following prices:
- continuous right of presentation in Finland: 700 Euros (previous price 1 000 Euros) + VAT
- continuous right of presentation in Finland and abroad: 1 400 Euros (previous price 2 000 Euros) + VAT
- an occasion of over 100 persons in Finland and abroad: 500 Euros + VAT
- company occasion: 300 Euros + VAT
- private occasion: 100 Euros + VAT
- frequent presentations at one place: 2 100 Euros (previous price 3 000 Euros) + VAT


If the one requesting for the right of presentation wants to give DVDs as gifts, it is possible with the following prices when the rrp is 15 Euros/DVD in the stores (incl. VAT). Postal charge will be added to the price.
- Order price is 10 Euros/DVD by email.

Presentation rights

The contents of this DVD presentation are protected by copyright law. This DVD is intended for private use only, and it may not be distributed beyond private use. Copying, renting and all public presentations of this DVD are strictly forbidden. All rights are reserved.
Breaking the copyright law may result in a claim for compensation, which will be twice the usual compensation.

Tauno Kohonen
+ 358 (0)400 286 956

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Kasarmintie 9 b A, FI-90100 OULU, FINLAND

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